PDC begins working with myVoice

PDC are pleased to announce we have been appointed as the evaluators to the fantastic myVoice project. myVoice is a project from Ambitious about Autism, the national charity for children and young people with autism and is funded by the Department Health’s Health and Social Care Volunteering fund.  myVoice enables young people with autism aged 16-25 to learn more about themselves and their place in the wider world - through myVoice young people with autism can become part of a peer led online community to access advice and information, act as young reviewers to review services for young people, and participate in local decision making structures. 

PDC are really excited to be working with such an innovative project - you may have seen the fantastic video below about Autism which recently went viral. It was produced by one of myVoice's volunteers as part of the content for their online community.