People Dialogue and Change and our work in the EU

The UK vote to leave Europe is a truly saddening political occurrence. At PDC we believe this decision only worsens the social, economic and political situation within the UK. We believe an integrated Europe is vital to the long term peace and security of the world. Sadly this vote is reflective of both the increasing move to the right within the UK, and a long term Euroscepticism cultivated in no small part by Rupert Murdoch's press empire. 

There are many divides in the UK as a result of this vote, but as an organisation focused on the voices of young people we are most concerned about them. Of those who voted, 73% of 18-24 year olds and 62% of 25-34 year olds chose to remaining in the EU. Overall the vote to leave was won by less than 3%. It is estimated that had 16 year olds been allowed to vote, the result would have been to remain.  Now more than ever, there is a need for UK-EU co-operation on youth and social programmes, for a generation who without doubt wish to remain part of the European project.  

People Dialogue and Change is a UK registered company, jointly run by Dan Moxon a British Citizen, and Guðbjörg Ágústsdóttir, an Icelandic Citizen.  Around 20% of PDC’s work is with organisations based in EU or EEA countries, in many cases directly on EU programmes.  We as individuals and as an organisation are deeply committed to the idea of an integrated Europe. It is this belief that led us to develop our work with youth organisations and social programmes across the continent, and will still drive us to do so in future. 

At this current time we would like to reassure all of our European partners there are no immediate changes to either the company's ability to trade and co-operate with our EU/EEA partners and we anticipate this will be the case until the UK formally leaves the EU in over two years time. Through the coming two years we will still aim to initiate new work with EU/EEA based organisations and clients. As the political picture unfolds, it will be our intention to give serious consideration to establishing a company base for PDC within the EEA/EU.