The Impact of Independent Advocacy

UCLAN and NCB's research sits alongside a
wider piece of work by The OCC into
advocacy for children and young people (above) 
PDC's Director Dan Moxon, has recently been part of a research team looking at the outcomes and impact of independent advocacy at The Centre for Children and Young People’s Participation at the University of Central Lancashire, in partnership with the National Children’s Bureau Research Centre. The research was undertaken following a commission from the Office of the Children's Commissioner as part of a wider project looking at the role and function of advocacy for children and young people. 

The research looked specifically at the impact and outcomes of independent advocacy for children and young people.  It found that outcomes were complex and varied, including increased confidence among young people and positive changes in the way services were provided.  The researchers suggested some ways in which these different outcomes could be captured.

Professor Nigel Thomas of the University of Central Lancashire, who led the research, commented:

“Our research showed the immense value of independent advocacy in producing a wide range of short and long term outcomes, empowering children and young people and leading to improvements in services. We hope that providers will be able to use our work to increase the quality and consistency of independent advocacy for all children, and to evaluate and demonstrate the outcomes and impact of their work.

View the report here