PDC providing research support to the EU presidency

People Dialogue and Change has been appointed to provide research support to Estonian, Austrian and Bulgarian EU presidencies.

The work, which will be carried out by our director, Dan Moxon, is based on supporting the 6th Cycle of Structured Dialogue  - an 18 month mechanism to enable young people to influence the 2018 EU Youth Policy.  This process involves three conferences over a period of 18 months and an EU wide youth consultation.

Dan's role will be to work with the conference facilitators to design a research style process for gathering information on priority topics to young people. Following on from this the work will then involve designing the consultation questions and methodological tools to conduct the youth consultation.The consultation itself will be conducted in each of the EU member states and is expected to receive between 60 -70,000 responses.

Dan has undertakes this role as part of his recent appointment to the EU - Council of Europe Youth Partnership pool of youth researchers alongside colleague Ondřej Bárta

You can watch a video about the 2015 conferences below: