New and Innovative forms of Youth Participation

The way young people are relating to public institutions is change. Voter turnout is falling, party membership is dropping and trust in public bodies is low.  But since a land mark LSE study the idea that this is caused by a lack of interests in politics amongst young people has been put to rest. Instead it's clear that young people are very interested in shaping the world around them ...its just the way they want to engage in public debate, and with political discourse has shifted.  

Since then, a zeitgeist has developed across Europe to find innovative new ways for young people to participate ...but that means is unclear...and is a social shift amongst young people the same thing as the development of innovative forms of practice by participation workers?

A study into this area was recently commission by the Council of Europe Youth Department, and Undertaken by Dan Moxon, PDC's director, along with Anne Crowley from Red Kite Consultancy.

Within this piece of work, which surveyed over 300 participants from across the Europe, we examine notions of what innovation within youth participation really means, and look for examples of innovation within the sector.  You can read the full report here