All the things we have been doing in one post.....

Life at PDC has been getting busier and busier, so much so that we never seem to have time to update our website posts....anywhere here's just a taster of the things we have been involved in recently.

  • Our director Dan Moxon has recently led a review of NSPCC's approach to youth participation on behalf of the National Youth Agency 
  • For a third year Ed and Dan are supporting the European Patient Forum delivering their Summer Training for Young Patient Advocates.  This combines a mixture of online and offline learning and gamification techniques to enable young patients to be leaders in the patient community.
  • We are working with UK Youth to help develop The British Councils approach to youth participation within their  internationalism ambition for UK Young People
  • Through his role at UCLAN Centre for Children and Young People's Participation, Dan is supporting Preston Community Gateway Housing Association to run a piece of youth led research around housing in Preston 
  • We are developing a train the trainer package for Manchester City Council on youth engagement and participation.
  • Dan is working with researchers from the Pool of European Youth Researchers coordinated by the partnership between the European Union and the Council of Europe in the field of youth so help design the new youth dialogue process on behalf of the Romanian Presidency of the EU. 
A final we are very pleased to announce the publication of a new study which Dan co-authored with other members of Salto Participation and Informations Think Tank on Youth Participation on inclusive participation in the EU youth strategy. Read the the paper online or download it from here.