Online hangout on tools for working with young people online

To try and provide some support for youth workers in the UK and beyond during Corrona, we hosted on online hangout to create space for youth workers to share their experiences of digital youth work.

 At People Dialogue and Change we DON'T consider ourselves to be experts in Digital Youth Work. (For that please check out people like Game Over Hate, Verke, and well, pretty much everything in Estonia). However, we do use digital tools regularly in our work with young people, and it seemed like we might be an a good position to support.

The hangout was inundated, and 100 people took part, with many more trying to get in. This made it a bit tricky to facilitate, as our Director Dan Moxon was the only facilitator. (For large meetings it's good to have team)! Special thanks need to go to Emily Niner and Josephine from Ambition About Autism, and John Taylor from High Life Highland who all shared their experiences with everyone who attended. Thanks also to the NYA, the Mix and UK Youth pulling together a single point of access for youth work support over  Corona on which the hangout was promoted.

We have re-recorded the main presentation, which you can see in the video below.

We also have an edited version of the  whole webinar here - where you can hear John, Emily and Josephine as well notes that the groups made live during the breakout groups here and video of their feedback here.

Finally, don't forget to  check out and add to our padlet on digital youth work below

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