Consultancy and Capacity

Examples of our consultancy work

Bradford Youth Offer Review

PDC were contracted by The City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council to conduct a review of both statutory and voluntary youth services in the Bradford area and to identify the most effective strategy to develop the Council's youth offer moving forward. This involved identifying the voices of young people from across the area, comprehensive mapping of existing local delivery in both the statutory and voluntary sector, engagement and consultation with a wide variety of senior stakeholders in the VCS and public sector, and mapping of statistical need. PDC engaged over 1000 young people in the review process using focus groups, an online survey and a young people’s steering group. The full report can be viewed here.

Tobacco Free Futures Smoke and Mirrors Programme

PDC provides ongoing support to Tobacco Free Futures to deliver their award winning Smoke and Mirrors Programme - which denormalises smoking amongst young people by enabling them to take part in anti-tobacco advocacy campaigns. PDC designs and delivers aspects of the programme as well as providing consultancy advice on sustaining and growing the take up of  tobacco de-normalisation approaches amongst local partners.

Eurochild VYP Programme

Eurochild is a network of organisations and individuals working in and across Europe to promote the rights and well-being of children and young people. They commissioned PDC to enabled young people from their member organisations to develop a set of recommendation on youth participation and the way in which participation could be promoted across Europe. The programme involved young people from marginalised backgrounds across 6 different countries.

ACYF Youth Club, Beijing

EU-China Youth Cooperation

PDC staff have acted as rapporteur for European Commission Directorate-General for Education and Culture and Youth as part of their collaboration with the All China Youth Federation. You can view a copy of the report here

JCI Conference, Stykkish√≥lmur

JCI Iceland Community Empowerment 
PDC provided support to JCI Iceland to enable the young people who form its membership to incorporate community empowerment approaches in the projects they initiate and run. 

What's Your NEET, Helsinki

Salto Inclusion NEET Programme

PDC is currently providing support to SALTO INCLUSION, a European agency that provides resources for people and agencies supporting young people with fewer opportunities. Our work has involved facilitating a number of pan-european training seminars to support participating agencies from across the EU to develop approaches to working with young people who are not in education employment or training

Voluntary Youth Manchester Work with Boys and Young Men Network

PDC was commissioned by Public Health Manchester to support Voluntary Youth Manchester's Work with Boys and Young Men network to develop its approach to  focusing on public health outcomes. In a reflection of our growing expertise around both organisational development, and public health, this project focused on working with the staff and organisations involved, rather than youth participation.