Clients and Recommendations

Our clients include

The Council of Europe, The European Patients Forum, The European Platform for Multiple Sclerosis, The International Bureau for Epilepsy, CIMO, City of Bradford Metropolitan Borough Council, Endeavour UK, Eurochild, Lancashire County Council, Lancaster University, Manchester City Council, The British Council, Mentor UK, Youth Focus North West, Salto Inclusion and Diversity, Salto Participation and Information, The European Commission - DG EAC, The Railway Children, Tobacco Free Futures, University of Central Lancashire, The University of Lancashire, The Estonian, Bulgarian and Austrian Trio of Presidencies of the EU, The Romanian Presidency of the EU, The Finnish Presidency of the EU, The Partnership between the Council of Europe and the European Union in the Field of Youth, The City of Oulu Municipality (Kaoos Project), The National Youth Agency, NSPCC, UK Youth, The Commonwealth Youth Programme,


"It has been a pleasure working with PDC on our latest peer research project, ‘Reaching Safe Places’. Dan's facilitation of the training and analysis days for the peer researchers was outstanding, and his background in participatory youth work shone through. Dan’s academic rigour was combined with a relaxed style and engagement skills which were a perfect fit with our project and the young people involved.
Jane Thompson, UK Research and Policy Officer
The Railway Children

"Thank you for your hard work and commitment to the piece of work. You and your team have worked tirelessly on [Bradford Youth Offer Review] and have clearly given many hours of thought and consideration in your recommendations."
Heather Wilson, Commissioner (Youth Provision)
City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

"PDC are a wonderfully supportive and enjoyable company to work with- they were able to get brilliant 'light bulb' moments for us and the young people we work with by preparing well, adapting as they went along and empowering and challenging us all."
Hannah Peake, Strategic Lead for Children and Young People's Participation
Lancashire County Council

"I like Dan’s presence among young people – he stays close to them and shows real interest in their social and cultural background, and behaves accordingly; I haven’t seen many people doing this in such honest way. I think they feel it and this allows for better dialogue between facilitator and participants, optimises the outcomes of what has to be done.It’s been a pleasure working with him and I’ll be looking for future collaboration opportunities."
Stanislav Dodov, Child Participation Coordinator
National Network for Children, Bulgaria

“Dan has been a great asset to the health service by helping us be more aware of the views of young people. He has a great talent in engaging young people and working with adults in this work. I look forward to working with him again.”
Eustace de Sousa , Associate Director Children and Maternal Health
NHS- NW, Strategic Health Authority

"PDC developed and delivered an interactive, educational and informative programme which encouraged the young people to look at the tobacco industry in a completely different light and helped them to understand ways that the tobacco industry uses clever marketing tactics to entice children and teenagers to smoke. The participants felt empowered with their new found knowledge and were able to participate in group discussions, ask questions and seek out information with confidence. Feedback from the young people following the programme was extremely positive with many making a commitment to share information with family and friends, and others expressing an interest in working with Tobacco Free Futures again"
Ansa Hussain, Campaigns and Engagement Manager
Tobacco Free Futures

“A real 'can do' person who just makes things happen! Able to connect with diverse people, Dan can work strategically and operationally to great effect. His commitment to giving young people a voice in decisions that affect them shines through in all of his work"
Gary Buxton, CEO , Young Advisors

“Dan Moxon is the best kind of participation worker - the kind who not only have the personal skills and commitment to engage effectively with young people, but the critical intelligence to think about why they are doing it and how they can do it better. In short, both heart and brains. Dan is a major resource for young people.. and for those working with them. I am delighted to give him this endorsement.”
Professor Nigel Thomas , Professor of Childhood and Youth Research
University of Central Lancashire

“Dan is fantastic to work with. His dedication to the voice of young people is amazing. He is a team player, but also gets on with the job. He is dependable, trustworthy and delivers!”
David Clarke, Deputy CEO, British Youth Council

"PDC delivered workshops which made our staff think about where they were already embedding youth voice and how they could do it more effectively. Staff came away with some positive ideas and with a clearer understanding about how they could move this forward within the company; benefiting the young people and ourselves."
Alison Bunn, Operations Director, Endeavour

"I really enjoyed the time spent with Dan during the project Valuing Youth Participation, I think that his passion and competence working with and for youth are not common, I haven’t seen many other facilitators with the same commitment of Dan. I really appreciate his way of build dialogue between childs and adults. Dan is the kind of resource that Europe needs to increase children’s participation."
Francesco Salvatore, National Projects and Research Officer
L'Albero della Vita (Italia)

"PDC’s careful preparation, facilitation skills and understanding of people enabled us to reach consensus and forward momentum on a number of contentious points. They navigated a diverse group through a very difficult and complex process of decision making with clarity, energy, warmth and precision."
Anya Satyanand, Chief Executive
Ara Taiohi - New Zealand Peak Body for Youth